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Fantastico F3 ist einer der zwei führenden Autoinstaller für cPanel 3rd Party Skripte. Es bietet die Möglichkeit, eine Vielzahl der über 700 beliebtestenen Programme mit wenigen Maus-Klicks einfach zu installieren. Fantastico installiert alle notwendigen Dateien und Databanken und sagt Ihnen was Sie zur Konfigurierung der Programme tun müssen (normalerweise sehr wenig). Sehen Sie selbst mit dem untigen kurzen Fantastico Tutorial wie einfach eine Installierung mit Fantastico ist -- oder probieren Sie es selbst, in unsere DEMO (rechts -->).

PHP-Nuke (visit site)
   - a powerful portal solution with many modules, blocks and
   addons available

Post-Nuke (visit site)
   - another powerful CMS portal site also with many modules,
    blocks and addons available

phpWCMS (visit site)
   - a CMS system
phpWebSite (visit site)
   - a CMS portal site with many modules and addons available
Mambo (visit site)
   - a dynamic web content management system (CMS), capable of
   building sites from several pages to several thousand

Siteframe (visit site)
Typo3 (visit site)
   - a Web content management framework
Xoops (visit site)
   - a CMS portal site with many modules and addons available
Drupal (visit site)
Joomla! (visit site)
   - a Content Management System (CMS) created by the same
   team that brought the Mambo CMS to its current state of stardom

Geeklog (visit site)

Customer Support Systems:
PHP Support Tickets (visit site)
   - powerful Support Ticketing System to help you help your visitors
Support-Logic Helpdesk (visit site)
Support Services Manager (visit site)
   - a powerful system for providing your visitors and clients with
    support services

osTicket (visit site)
Crafty Syntax Live Help (CSLH) (visit site)
Help Center Live (visit site)

Discussion Boards:
phpBB2 (visit site)
   - very popular "forums" or "message board" solution
SMF (visit site)
   - another popular choice for a full featured "forums" or "bulletin

NOTE: In addtion, our cPanel Pro plans also come with "Interchange" and "Agora" shopping carts.
CubeCart (visit site)
   - a popular shopping cart system
osCommerce (visit site)
   - a powerful highly configurable eCommerce shopping cart solution
ZenCart (visit site)
   - another user-friendly open source shopping cart system

(visit site)
   - a database-driven application for creating and maintaining
   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

b2evolution (visit site)
Nucleus (visit site)
pMachine Free (visit site)
   - great tool for managing your own personal blogging site or
    mini portal

WordPress (visit site)

Image Galleries:
4images Gallery (visit site)
   - your own online photo gallery
Gallery (visit site)
   - probably the most popular image gallery script
Coppermine Photo Gallery (visit site)
   - a feature-rich photo gallery script with MySQL database, user
   management, private galleries, automatic thumbnail creation,
   film strip, and a template system for customization

Mailing List:
PHPlist (visit site)
NOTE: Our plans ALSO come with "Mailman" - an even better mailing list program!

ViPER Guestbook (visit site)
   - a guestbook script, comes in English, German, Dutch, and Swedish

Website Builder:
Templates Express (visit site)
   - a series of static templates which can be installed to start building
   a website even if you do not want to learn how to manage a CMS

Polls and Surveys:
Advanced Poll (visit site)
   - polling system with multiple polls, templates, IP-Logging,
   IP-Locking, cookie support, etc.
phpESP (visit site)
   - a PHP/MySQL-driven application to let non-technical users
   create surveys

PHPSurveyor (visit site)
   - surveying tool that allows you to develop, publish, manage

PhpWiki (visit site)
   - a PHP clone of WikiWikiWeb, a web site system where anybody
    can edit the pages right through the web browser, without any

Tiki Wiki (visit site)
   - Tiki features a Wiki, Image galleries, File galleries, Forums,
    Polls, Chat, RSS feeds, Articles, Submissions, Weblogs,
    Webmail, Surveys, Trackers, Newsletters and more. Themes
    can be created using CSS. Everything is customizable

Project Management:
PHProjekt (visit site)
   - a project managing system for tasks and groups
dotProject (visit site)

Other Scripts:
Moodle (visit site)
   - Moodle is a course management system designed to help
    educators create quality online courses

Noah's Classifieds (visit site)
   - run your own Classified ads website!
Dew-NewPHPLinks (visit site)
   - Dew-Code is a resource for aspiring coders.
Open-Realty (visit site)
   - professional but free tool for real estate agents to put their
    offers online

phpAdsNew (visit site)
PHPauction (visit site)
   - host your own auctions site!
phpCOIN (visit site)
   - phpCOIN is a PHP/MySQL based package for hosting resellers
   to manage clients, orders, invoices, etc. phpCOIN supports
   "pay links" as the method of billing, and permits returning client
   purchases, secure client/admin login, permits client access to
   own information (view / print), eMail notifications (template based),
   auto-send of due invoices, auto-generate recurring invoices,
   language file support, and theme support. Includes following
   modules: Articles, Contact forms, FAQ, HelpDesk, Custom
   Content Pages, and Search Site function.

phpFormGenerator (visit site)
WebCalendar (visit site)
   - a PHP application used to maintain a calendar for one or more

... und viele viele andere Skripte ....

Live Demo:

Try it!

(Nach dem Einloggen in die cPanel Demo, klicken Sie auf den "Fantastico" Link in der SOFTWARE Sektion, und dann auf einen beliebigen Skript-Namen links im Menü.)

Flash Tutorial:

Sehen Sie das Fantastico Tutorial -- unten auf dieser Seite!

cPanel Starter
5 .95 € / Monat
  » 10 GB Speicherplatz
  » 30 GB Datentransfer
  » 1 Domain
  » Linux Hosting
  » 30 Email Konten
  » 10 MySQL DBs
  » cPanel Kontrolpanel
  » Softaculous + Fantastico
  » PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 und 7

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Server Standort:
Hosting: Hamburg
Hosting: USA


13 € / Monat
  » 50 GB Speicherplatz
  » 70 GB Datentransfer
  » 6 Domains
  » Linux Hosting
  » Unlimited Email Konten
  » Unlimited MySQL DBs
  » cPanel / WHM CPs
  » Softaculous + Fantastico
  » PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 und 7

Weitere Infos...
Server Standort:
Hosting: Hamburg
Hosting: USA


                  Fantastico Flash Tutorial:



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